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Clause Structure

SPCs Structure

The SPCs structure is very common in academic texts, with two complex nominal groups joined with a linking verb such as "is". However, in such cases the group structure is much more complicated.

For example:

Besides historiography and mathematical astronomy, another great innovation by the Greeks of the fifth century BCwas the art of tragedy.

Identify this structure in the following sentences.

  1. The IPCC scientists' estimate of annual emissions from tropical forests is only about half that of an earlier estimate, by McElroy and Wofsy, of 7.4 Tg N.
  2. The theory of heredity as it existed in the 1940s was one of genes linearly arranged along chromosomes, influencing the characteristics of the organisms in which they found themselves, and being transmitted via egg and sperm to the next generation.
  3. The next decisive step was the discovery of the chemical nature of genes.
  4. Typical examples are sugars like glucose, and amino acids like leucine.
  5. Secondary bacterial infection of the ulcers is common.
  6. In addition, the pattern of cleavage is both highly ordered and complex.
  7. The emphasis on cell lineage in the worm is a little misleading.
  8. Second, the jury must decide whether the provocation was enough to make a reasonable man do as D did.
  9. At the time the accused was so insane as not to be legally responsible,
  10. An early end to the conflict was now hard to imagine.

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