Grammar in EAP


Clauses: Complements

There are four main types of complement: Direct Object (Od), Indirect Object (Oi), Subject Complement (Cs), Object Complement (Co).

She published the findings.


She sent me the report.


The results sounded plausible.


They found the results plausible.



Identify the complements  (Od, Oi, Cs, Co) in the following clauses.

  1. Marquand gives us as much detail about the events of August-October 1931 as we are ever likely to need.
  2. The presbyterian and methodist churches in Ireland, along with the Church of Ireland, welcomed the proposal.
  3. She taught the first year studentsintroductory logic.
  4. This last provision looks so sweeping that there is a danger of supposing that it has swept away all difference between legal and equitable rights.
  5. The achievements and courage of Dr. Martin Luther King have become part of our American heritage.
  6. Saint Ethelreda was born a Saxon princess.
  7. The board has elected him president.
  8. I find it difficult to believe.
  9. They offered all the overseas studentsone of the most experienced tutors.
  10. They thought him an interesting speaker.

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