History of EAP and of BALEAP

Panel discussion on the History of EAP and of BALEAP

BALEAP Conference
Saturday 20 April 2013

Richard Smith, University of Warwick
John M. Swales,  University of Michigan
Meriel Bloor,  formerly University of Warwick
Andy Gillett, formerly University of Hertfordshire


Richard Smith, John Swales, Meriel Bloor, AndyGillett at BALEAP 2013

This panel discussion featured two inputs on the history of EAP and the history of BALEAP, complemented by comments and reminiscences from a former chair of SELMOUS/BALEAP. Via reflection, with the audience, on the past, present and future of EAP and BALEAP, we aimed to illustrate the usefulness of historical research, and of evaluation based on recall of former activities.

Richard Smith teaches at the University of Warwick.

Although officially retired, John Swales remains active as an EAP researcher, conference speaker, advisor, and materials developer.

Meriel Bloor, formerly at Warwick, was one of the first presidents of SELMOUS and oversaw the development of SELMOUS into BALEAP.

Andy Gillett is a former chair of BALEAP and previously taught at the University of Hertfordshire.

Recording available at: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/al/research/collections/elt_archive/presentations/history_of_eap/

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