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The British Humanities Index: Exercise

The British Humanities Index is an international indexing tool for research in the humanities. It indexes over 320 internationally respected humanities journals and weekly magazines, as well as quality newspapers. The subject index is published monthly and an author index is added in the annual volumes.

Look at the following extract from 1982. Answer the questions that follow:


Education: Great Britain

Central city decline and the provision of education services. S. J. Bailey. Urban Studies, 19 (Aug 82) p. 263 -279. refs.


  1. What is the title of the article?
  2. Who is the author?
  3. Are there any other authors? What are their names?
  4. Which journal is the article in?
  5. Which volume of the journal is the article in?
  6. When was the article published?
  7. Which page does the article start on?
  8. How long is the article?
  9. Does the article have any illustrations?
  10. Does the article have any references?
  11. Write an entry for this article to include in the References section of your essay.

The index is arranged alphabetically by subject heading. The layout of entries is as follows:

The last three entries are omitted if not applicable.

Where pages are interspersed with advertisements or other extraneous material the first page is given with a + sign. i.e. 95+


Ass. Association

Inst. Institution

Q. Quarterly

Brit. British

J. Journal

R. Review

Bull. Bulletin

Mag. Magazine

Sec. Society

Inst. Institute

Proc. Proceedings

Trans. Transactions

Other abbreviations used are:

il. illustration/s or diagram/s

ref. reference/s

suppt. supplement

p. page/s

port. portrait/s i.e. illustration of a person/s

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