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The Humanities Index: Exercise

The Humanities Index is cumulative index to English language periodicals. The main body of the index consists of author and subject entries to periodical articles. In addition there is an author listing of citations to book reviews, following the main body of the index.

It indexes over 500 internationally respected humanities journals. There is also a web-version available.

Subject fields indexed include: archaeology and classical studies, area studies, folklore, history, language and literature, literary and political criticism, performing arts, philosophy, religion and theology, and related subjects.

Look at the following extract from 1978/9. Find articles that might be useful for the following areas:

SANTOS, Nelson Pereira dos

    (dir) Tent of miracles [film] Criticism Film Q il 31:45-50 Summ '78

SANTOS, Sherod

    Fear of the dark; Summer privacy of things [poems] Paris R 20:146-7 Spr '78

SAO PAULO, Brazil (city)

    Churches, sects, and agencies: aspects of popular ecumenism; tr. by J. Ferguson. D. T. Monteiro. Diogenes no 100:48-78 Wint 77

    Railroads, coffee, and the growth of big business in Sao Paulo, Brazil. R. H. Mattoon, jr. Hispan Am Hist R 57:273-95 My '77

SAPIR-Whorf hypothesis

    Color lexica of two American Indian languages, Quechi and Misquito: a critical contribution to the application of the Whorf thesis to color naming. A. von Wattenwyl and H. Zollinger. Int J Am Ling 44:56-68 Ja '78


    Note on Merleau-Ponty's ambiguity. Philos & Phenom Res 38:538-43 Je '78

SAPORI, Armando Obituary

    Speculum 53:657-8 Jl '78. D. Herlihy and others


    Marc Saporta: the novel as card game; tr. by 11. Scher. R. Grimm. Contemp Lit 19:280-99 Summ '78

SAQQARA, Egypt. See Sakkara SARACENS

    Sixty martyrs of Jerusalem. G. Huxley. Greek Rum & Byz Stud 18:369-74 Wint 77

      See also



    Existentially complete torsion-free nilpotent groups. J Symbol Logic 43:126-34 Mr '78


    Musk deer [story] Encounter 51:3-10 Ag '78

    W. B. Yeats: The four ages of man. Notes & Quer 25:327 Ag '78



    1857 Chinese rebellion in Sarawak: a reappraisal. C. A. Lockwood. J SE Asian Stud 9:85-98 Mr '78

SARBIEWSKI, Maciej Kazimierz

    Toward an archeology of English romanticism: Coleridge and Sarbiewski. M. Brown. Comp Lit 30:313-37 Fall '78

SARBIEWSKI, Matthew Casimir. See Sarbiewski, M. K.

SARCASM. See Irony

SARCEE language. See Sarsi language


      See also

    Sepulchral monuments

SARGENT, Lyman Tower

    Social decision making in anarchism and minimalism. Personalist 59:358-69 O '78

SARKAR, Husain

    Musgrave's Appraisals and advice. Philos Sci 45:478-83 S '78


    Sarmatian connections: new light on the origin of the Arthurian and Holy Grail legends. C. S. Littleton and A. C. Thomas. J Am Folklore 91:513-27 Ja '78

SAROYAN, William

    Arguments for Soviet Power; interview by Z. Balayan. Sov Lit no 12:159-66 '77

SARRAUTE, Nathalie

    Imagery versus description: the problematic, of representation in the novels of Nathalie Sarraute. A. Jefferson. Mod Lang R 73:513-24 Jl '78

SARRIS, Andrew

    Cukor. il Film Comment 14:42-5 Mr '78

SARSI language

Synchronic and diachronic status of Sarcee yy E. D. Cook. Int J Am Ling 44:192-6 Jl '78

SARTAKOV, Sergei Venediktovich

    Coaster captain [story] tr. by M. King. Sov Lit no2:3-35 '78


    History and modern times. A. Borshchagovsky. Sov Lit no2:3-8 '78

SARTO, Giuseppe Melchiorre. See Pius X, Saint, pope


    Kinds of love: love and friendship in novels of May Sarton. J. S. Bakerman. Critique 20 no:83-91 '78

SARTON medal. See Medals (rewards)

SARTRE, Jean Paul

    Paris as subjectivity in Sartre's Roads to freedom. P. S. Nichols. il Mod Fict Stud 24:3-21 Spr '78

    Sartre and the structuralists. H. J. Silverman. Int Philos Q 18:341-58 S '78

    Two problems of being and nonbeing in Sartre's Being and nothingness. R. E. Aquila. Philos & Phenom Res 38:167-86 D '77

    Un-naming of the beasts: the post-modernity of Sartre's La naus�e. W. V. Spanos. Criticism 20:223-80 Summ '78


    Witness to the absurd: Elie Wiesel and the French existentialists. M. J. Green. Renascence 29:170-84 Summ '77


    Related images in Malte Laurids Brigge and La naus�e. L. G. Lyon. Comp Lit 30:53-71 Wint '78

SASAKI, Takashi

    Two Zen artists; potter and poet; interview by L. Stryk. Antioch R 36:234-40 Spr '78

SASANIAN art. See Art, Persian

SASCAB. See Limestone

SASLOW, Edward L.

    Dryden as historiographer royal, and the authorship of His Majesties declaration defended. Mod Philol 75:261-72 F '78

SASO, Michael

    What is the Ho-t'u? Hist Relig 17:399-416 F/My 78

SASSANIAN art. See Art, Persian

SATAN in literature. See Devil in literature


      See also

    Occult sciences


    That arduous invention: Middlemarch versus the modern satirical novel. J. Meckier. Ariel 9:31-63 O '78

    Voter needs and evaluations of satire. L. Powell. Journalism Q 55:311-18 Summ '78

      See also

    Burlesque (literature)

    Caricatures and cartoons





    Wit and humor

      also subhead Anecdotes, facetiae, satire, etc. under the following subjects



    Catholic church

    Colleges and universities



SATIRE, American

    Annie, Warbucks, and Harold Gray's gospel. K. S. Barker. il Theol Today 35:178-90 Jl '78

    Jerry Kramer's Instant replay and Dan Jenkins' Semi-tough: a cultural dialogue. D. A. Jones and L. T. Smith, jr. J Pop Cult 12:156-67 Summ '78

    Propriety and fine perception: James's The Europeans. J. W. Tuttleton. Mod Lang R 73: 481-95 Jl '78

    Pynchon as satirist: to write, to mean. A. J. MacAdam. Yale R 67:555-66 Summ '78

    Toward the outside: the quest for discontinuity in Gertrude Stein's The making of Americans; being a history of a family progress. C. Bush. 20th Cent Lit 24:27-56 Spr '78

    Where it's at [review article] D. Lodge. Encounter 51:134-41 O '78

SATIRE, Croatian

    Satirical devices in Marin Drzic play The miser. R. Reeder. Slavic & E Eur J 21:366-77 Fall '77

SATIRE, English

    All our soules devotion: satire as religion in Donne's Satyre III. M T. Hester. Stud Eng Lit 18:35-55 Wint '78

    Bayes in Buckingham's The rehearsal. R. Elias. Eng Lang Notes 15:178-81 Mr '78

    Defects and difficulties in Smollett's Peregrine Pickle. J. Weinsheimer. Ariel 9:49-62 Jl '78

    Eighteenth-century imitation of Persius. Satire I. C. S. Dessen. Tex Stud Lit & Lang 20:433-56 Fall '78

    Fifty years of counterpoint. J. Meckier. Stud Novel 9:367-72 Wint '77

    Gay's Trivia and the art of allusion. D. S. Ames. Stud Philol 75:199-222 Ap '78

    Henry Donne, John Donne and the date of Satyre II. M. T. Hester. Notes & Quer 24:524-7 D '77

    John Oldham and the threat of building Pauls: a note. W. F. Engel, 3d. Notes & Quer 24:552-3 D '77

    Laputa, the Whore of Babylon, and the idols of science. D. Todd. Stud Philol 75:93-120 Ja '78

    Marston's Kinsayder and the cure of folly. M. Little. Eng Lang Notes 15:271-4 Je '78

    New light on John Downes. B. Podewell. Notes & Quer 25:24 F '78

    Philip Quarles's passage to India: Jesting Pilate Point counter point, and Bloomsbury. J Meckier. Stud Novel 9:445-67 Wint '77

    Political satire in Sodom. R. Elias. Stud Eng Lit 18:423-38 Summ '78

    Prodigal Philistine [review article] L. Lerner Encounter 50:711-2+ F '78

    Protestant post-boy and An elegy on the death of pamphlets. P. J. Guskin. Notes & Que 25:40-1. F '78

    Regency newspaper verse: an anonymous squib on Wordsworth. S. Jones. Keats-Shelley J 27:87 107 '78

    Religious orders in Skelton's Colyn Cloute. P. E McLane. Erg Lang Notes 16:8-13 S '78

    Satire on Aristotelian logic in Milton's Vacation exercise. G. Campbell. Eng Lang Notes 15 106-10 D '77

    Satirist as exegete: John Donne's Satyre V M. T. Hester. Tex Stud Lit & Lang 20:347-6 Fall '78

    Second and Third advices-to-the-painter, A Patterson. Bibl Soc Am Pa 71:473-86 O '77

    Shadow-hunting: romantic irony, Sartor resartus and Victorian romanticism. J. L, Haney. Stu Romant 17:307-33 Summ '78

    Swift as moral physician: scatology and the tra dition of love melancholy. J. F. Sena. J En & Germ Philol 76:346-62 Jl 77

    Swift's Dismal. J. A. Downie. Notes & Quer 25:43 F '78

    To The vanity of human wishes through the 1740s. J. E. Sitter. Stud Philol 74:445-64 O '77

    W. H. Mallock's Every man his own poet [with text] B. V. Qualls. Viet Poetry 16:16-87 Spr Summ '78

SATIRE, French-Canadian

    Le professeur et la litterature canadienne-francaise. A. S. de Fabry, Can Lit no76:68-77 Sp 78

SATIRE, German

    Satirical song: text versus context. D. Ward Western Folklore 36:347-54 O '77

    Simplicissimus and the rise of national socialism O. M. Nelson. Historian 40:441-62 My '78


    Socrates and The clouds: Shaftesbury and ; Socratic tradition. R. A. Anselment, J His Ideas 39:171-82 Ap '78


    Art and artifice in Erasmus' Convivium pro fanum. L. V. Ryan. Renaissance Q 31:1-1 Spr '78

    Ass's ears and Attises: Persius and Nero. J. F Sullivan. Am J Philol 99:159-70 Summ '78

    Date of Juvenal's thirteenth Satire. R. Astbury Am J Philol 98:392-5 Wint '77

    Eighteenth-century imitation of Persius, Satire I C. S. Dessen. Tex Stud Lit & Lang 20:433-5 Fall '78

    Juvenal, Satire 1.155-7. A. A. Barrett. Class Q 27 no2:438-40 '77

    Martial in Juvenal's tenth Satire. R. E. Colton Stud Philol 74:341-53 O '77

    Plautus' satiric comedy: the Truculentus. C, S Dessen. Philol Q 56:145-68 Spr '77

SATIRE, Peruvian

    Narrative art of Mario Vargas Llosa: two organizing principles in Pantaleen y las. visitadoras. It. L. Williams. Tex Stud Lit & Lam 19:469-80 Wint '77

SATIRE, Political. See Satire

SATIRE, Russian

    Fuse. H. Marshall; B. Goldberg. Sight & Sound 47:119-20 Spr '78

    Solzhenitsyn's rhetorical revolution. L. Lucid 20th Cent Lit 23:498-517 D '77

    Vladimir Voinovich's anecdotal satire: The life and extraordinary adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin. B. E. Lewis. World Lit Today 52 544-50 Aut '78

SATIRE, Spanish

    Peaceful protest: Spanish political humor in a time of crisis. S. H. Brandes. Westerz Folklore 36:331-46 O '77


    Truth and self-satisfaction. R. C. Solomon. I Metaphys 28:698-724 Je '75; Reply. M. J. in wood. 31:272-82 D '77

      See also

    Job satisfaction



Heroes on the right. J Pop Cult 11:110-25 Summ

SATTELMEYER, Robert, and Barbour. James

    Sources and genesis of Melville's Norfolk isle and the Chola widow. Am Lit 50:398-417 N '78


Narrative stance in Kafka's Josephine. J Mod Lit 6:410-18 S '77

SAUCERS, Flying. See Unidentified flying objects



      See also

    Military assistance, American-Saudi Arabia

SAUL, Norman

    American's Siberian dream. Russian R 37:405-20 O '78


    Saint-Andoche (church)

    Theme of cockfighting in Burgundian Romanesque sculpture. I. H. Forsyth. il Speculum 53:252-82 Ap '78


    After Liverpool. Criticism Drama no 125:68 Summ '77. R. Craig

    Alas, poor Fred. Criticism Drama no 130:71 Aut '78. R. Craig Bodies. Criticism

    Drama it no 128:47-8 Spr '78. A. Curtis Plays & Players il 25:34 Ap '78. C. Itzin

SAUNDERS, Joan. See Jones, E. T. jt. auth.


    Mortal stain: literary allusion and female sexuality in Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street. Stud Short Pict 15:139-44 Spr '78

    Thoreau's Walden. Explicator 36:4-5 What '78

SAURA, Carlos

    (dir) Cria cuervos [film] Criticism Sight & Sound it 47:260 Ant '78

SAUSSURE, Ferdinand de

    Taine and Saussure. H. Aarsleff. Yale R 68:71-81 Ant '78


    [Photos] Chicago R 29:65-7 Spr '78

SAVAGE, Nadja Tesich-. See Tesich-Savage, N.


    Meaning in history: reflections toward naturalism in historical thought. Western Hum R 32:195-211 Summ '78

SAVELLI, Cencio. See Honorius III, pope

SAVILE, Anthony

    Historicity and the hermeneutic circle. New Lit Hist 10:49-70 Ant '78

SAVING and investment

      See also


SAVING and thrift

      See also

    Benefit societies

    Cost and standard of living

SAVIOLO, Vincentlo, fl 1595

    Kent, Caius and Lear's swordsmanship. K. Duncan-Jones. Notes & Quer 25:151-3 Ap '78

SAVONAROLA, Girolamo Maria Francesco Matteo

    Lorenzo de' Medici and Savonarola, martyrs for Florence. R. C. Trexler. Renaissance Q 31:293-308 Aut '78

SAVONLINNA festival. See Music festivals-Finland

SAVORY, Jerold J.

    Notes and queries In Vanity fair. it Notes & Quer 25:206-8 Je '78

    Tennyson's In memoriam and The book of Job. Notes & Quer 25:237-8 Je '78


    Dialogue with the Moonies. Theol Today 35:88-91 Ap '78


    Popularity of Shakespeare's plays, 1720-21 through 1732-33. Shakespeare Q 29:427-30 Summ '78

SAXENA, Sushil Kumar

    Aesthetic attitude. Philos East & West 28:81-90 Ja '78

SAXON language (Anglo-Saxon) See English language - Old English



    Saxon liberalism and the German question in the wake of the 1848 revolution. R. J. Bazilllon. Can J Hist 13:61-84 Ap '78


    Late Coltrane. a re-membering of Orpheus. K. W. Benston. Mass R 18:770-81 What '77

SAY, Rosemary

    Summer theatre in Athens, 1977. Drama no 126:30-4 Ant '77

SAYCE, Richard Anthony Obituary

    Mod Lang R 73:xxxv-xxxvi O '78. R. Fargher

SAYINGS. See Proverbs

SCALDS and scaldic poetry

    Good Friday liturgy and the structure of Liknarbraut. G. S. Tate. Scand Stud 50:31-8 Wint '78

      See also

    Bards and bardism



SCALES (music) See Musical intervals and scales

SCAMMEL L, Michael

    Muddy flows the Don [review article] Times Lit Supp no3956:59 Ja 20 '78


    Images at night; Nature reserve [poems] Crit Q 20:59-60 Summ '78

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