Citing sources: Exercises

Exercise 4

Incorporate the quotation in the text at a suitable point. Decide on a suitable place to include the quotation. Make any changes necessary to the text.


In this context saying thank you is very rude, for it suggests first that one has calculated the amount of a gift and second, that one did not expect the donor to be so generous.

(Robert Dentan (1968). The Semai: A non-violent people of Malaya. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Page 49.)


To express gratitude for the portion received indicates that you are the kind of person who calculates how much you are giving and taking. Thus to call attention to one's generosity is to indicate that others are in debt to you and that you expect them to repay you. It is repugnant to egalitarian peoples even to suggest that they have been treated generously.

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