Avoiding plagiarism

Exercise 1

Which of these do you consider to be unacceptable?

  1. Change some of the words and sentences in a text, but keep the overall structure of the text and the vocabulary the same as in the original text.
  2. Take some short fixed phrases from several different sources and put them together with some of your own words.
  3. Copy a paragraph directly from the source with no changes.
  4. Copy a paragraph making only small changes. For example, replace some words with words with similar meanings.
  5. Copy out an article from a journal or textbook and submit it as a piece of your own coursework.
  6. Cut and paste a paragraph: use the sentences of the original but put one or two in a different order and leave one or two out.
  7. Paraphrase a paragraph: rewrite the paragraph but change the language, organisation and detail, and give your own examples.
  8. Quote a paragraph by placing it in quotation marks and acknowledge the source.
  9. Rewrite a passage from another writer and present it as your own work.
  10. Take just one word or phrase from a text because it is very well expressed.
  11. Use another author's organisation and way of arguing.

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