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The British Humanities Index: Exercise

The British Humanities Index is an international indexing tool for research in the humanities. It indexes over 320 internationally respected humanities journals and weekly magazines, as well as quality newspapers. The subject index is published monthly and an author index is added in the annual volumes.

Look at the following extract from 1982. Find articles that might be useful for the following areas:

Business Firms: Netherlands

New product development in Dutch companies: the idea generation stage. Bromslaw Verhage, Ph. Waalewijn and A. J. van Weele. European J. of Marketing, 15 No. 5 (1981) p.73-85. il. refs.

Business Firms: Philippine Islands

Vertical interfirm linkages in LDCs: a note on the Philippines. Hal Hill. Oxford Bull. of Economics and Statistics, 44 (Aug 82) p.261-71. refs.

Business Firms: United States

Business lends a hand. Economist, 283 (17 Apr 82) p.43. Reaganomics is a four letter word. Economist, 283 (l7 Apr 82) p.85-6. il.

US business comes clean on personal files. Frank Lipsius. Times, (13 Jan 82) p.13. il. port.

Welfare challenge to US business. Bailey Morris. Times, (30 Jul 82) p.15. il.

Business Firms, Large

The financial characteristics of firms and theories of merger activity. Paul Levine and Sam Aaronovitch. J. of Industrial Economics, 30 (Dec 81) p.149-72. it. refs.

How to implement strategy. Arthur A. Owen. Management Today, (Jul 82) p.50-3, 104.

Internal organization and economic performance: an empirical analysis of the profitability of principal firms. David J. Teece. J. of Industrial Economics, 30 (Dec 81) p.173-99. il. refs.

Internal organization and profit: a note. R. S. Thompson. J. of Industrial Economics, 30 (Dec 81) p.201-11. il. refs.

Local versus centralised bargaining: the dangers of a "halfway house". Nicholas Kinnie. Personnel Management, 14 (Jan 82) p.32-5. il. refs.

On measuring aggregate concentration: a reply. Lawrence J. White. J. of Industrial Economics, 30 (Dec 81) p.223-4. refs.

On the measurement of aggregate concentration. Robert M. Feinberg. J. of Industrial Economics, 30 (Dec 81) p.217-22. il. refs.

Business Firms, Large: Great Britain

The British boss's pay is one thing, performance is another. Economist, 284 (18 Sep 82) p.75-7. il. ports. refs.

Business Firms, Large: Italy

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Business Firms, Large: United States

City system behaviour and corporate influence: the headquarters location of US industrial firms, 1955-75. John D. Stephens and Brian P. Holly. Urban Studies, 18 (Oct 81) p.285-300. il. refs.

Reagan gives big business a freer hand. Alex Brummer. Guardian, (11 Jan 82) p. 11. port.

Business Firms, Manager Controlled

Owner occupiers. Management buy-outs. Economist, 285 (23 Oct 82) p.80, 82.

Business Firms, Small

The concrete elephant. Andrea Waind. New Society, (18 Feb 82) p.274.

Homework counts when buying a computer. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (15 Jan 82) p.15. refs.

Intrapreneurial now. Big goes bust. Norman Macrae. Economist, 283 (17 Apr 82) p.47-52. il.

Small business finance: a special report. Guardian, (15 Nov 82) p.13-14, 16-18, 20. il.

A small publishing house: the first year. Michael Mason. Times Literary Suppt., (2 Apr 82) p.382.

Soft cushions that stifle the true spirit of enterprise. Malcolm Harper. Guardian, (17 Feb 82) p.18.

What is a small business? Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (25 Jun 82) p.17. refs.

Business Firms, Small: Bolivia

Small trades do better in Bolivia. Hans C. Buechler and Judith-Maria Buechler. Geographical Mag., 54 (Sep 82) p.518-19. il.

Business Firms, Small: England: London

Related Headings:

    Wray, Christine

Business Firms, Small: European Common Market

Employers who provide half the jobs in Common Market. David Bennett. Guardian, (19 Feb 82) p.19. refs.

Business Firms, Small: Ghana

The role and position of petty producers in a West African city: Accra. Paul Kennedy. J. of Modern African Studies, 19 (Dec 81) p.565-94. il. refs.

Business Firms, Small: Great Britain

Advice is all very well, but it's markets that are needed. Nicholas Falk. Guardian, (9 Jul 82) p.18.

Building on a battery of initiatives. John MacGregor. Guardian, (27 Aug 82) p.17.

Chancellor's crumbs give little comfort. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (12 Mar 82) p.20.

Clive Sinclair's limited vision. Small firms cannot provide a magic solution. Clare Short. Listener, 108 (28 Oct 82) p.8.

Encouragement of employment: seminar report. Bill Humphrey. Planner, 68 (Feb 82) p.40-1.

Entrepreneurs "need a licence to trade". Stan Mendham. Guardian, (2 Jul 82) p.16.

Ethnic enterprise and modern capitalism: Asian small businesses. Alison M. Baker. New Community, 9 (Winter 81/Spring 82) p.478-86. refs.

Farmers who took the biscuit bait. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (14 May 82) p.18. ports.

The future of small businesses: a review of developments since the Committee of Inquiry (1969-71). J. E. Bolton. Royal Soc. of Arts J., 130 (May 32) p.305-20.

Getting at the facts without bureaucracy. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (8 Oct 82) p.17.

Go West young man and multiply. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (2 Mar 82) p.19. refs.

Groundbait for the year of the minnow. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (8 Jan 82) p.15.

Guiding hand to overseas development. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, ( 19 Feb 82) p.19.

Helpers in harmony would sound sweeter. Allan Gibb. Guardian, (7 May 82) p.18. il.

Helping to get new ideas off the ground: innovation centres. Adam Adams. Guardian, (l8 Jun 82) p.19.

How a slice off the joint really helps. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (21 May 82) p.17. refs.

How to turn the black economy white. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (29 Oct 82) p.16.

Innovation is a Good Thing - but just what is it? Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (24 Sep 82) p.19.

Loan scheme's guaranteed future. Peter Wilson-Smith. Times, (9 Jul 82) p.17. il.

Look now - learn later. John Stanworth and James Curran. Guardian, (28 May 82) p.18. il.

Many firms fear they will be forced to sell out. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (22 Jan 82) p.19.

Mixed fortunes from failures. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (I Oct 82) p.19.

New firm formation, employment change and the small firm: the case of Cleveland County. D. J. Storey. Urban Studies, 18 (Oct 81) p.335-45. refs.

New initiatives in the financing of smaller firms. Mike Jarrett and Mike Wright. National Westminster Bank Q.R., (Aug 82) p.40-52. il. refs.

The small business: a special report. Times, (3 Jun 82) p.15-16, 18-20. il.

Small business development and the Asian community in Britain. Trevor Jones. New Community, 9 (Winter (Winter 81/Spring 82) p.467-77. il. refs.

Small firms: a new deal. Michael Dineen. Observer, (4 Apr 82) p.21.

The smaller they are the quicker they die. David Storey. Guardian, (17 Sep 82) p.21.

Spearheading growth with "Independent companies". William Poeton. Guardian, (I Oct 82) p.19.

Spotting the winners and urging them on. Graham Hall and Keith Lam. Guardian, (30 Jul 82) p.15.

Taking enterprise out of the black. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (30 Apr 82) p.19.

Taking rugs on the road. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (7 May 82) p.19. ports.

Think small. Economist, 282 (27 Feb 82) p.29-32.

Us and them and the new entrepreneurs. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (29 Oct 82) p.16. refs.

Using a licence to make money. Julian Lowe and Nick Crawford. Guardian, (10 Sep 82) p.15.

Where can an uncertain entrepreneur start a new firm'? Neil Piercy. Guardian, (4 Jun 82) p.23. port.

Why marketing barriers are hard to jump. Tom Cannon and Michael Willis. Guardian, (30 Apr 82) p.19. refs.

Business Firms, Small: Great Britain

Related Headings:

    Enterprise Allowance Scheme

Business Firms, Small: Scotland

No place for faint hearts in Scotland. Tom Cannon. Guardian, (2l May 82) p.17. il.

Scrub graffiti and clean up. Clive Woodcock. Guardian, (3 Sep 82) p.15. refs.

Business Firms, Small: Underdeveloped Countries

Growth constraints on small-scale manufacturing in developing countries: a critical review. Hubert Schmitz. World Development, 10 (Jun 82) p.429-50. refs.

Small industry in developing countries: a discussion of issues. Dennis Anderson. World Development, 10 (Nov 82) p.913-48. il. refs.

Business History

The Barbier manuscripts. Mary Schoeser Boyce. Textile History, 12 (1981) p.37-58. il. refs.

The Bradford Lime Kiln Company, 1774-1800: a pioneer of large scale industrial enterprise in Bradford. G. Firth. Bradford Anti-quary, 47 (Oct 82) p.129-34. refs.

Capital and credit in the pottery industry before 1770. Lorna Weatherill. Business History, 24 (Nov 82) p.243-58. il. refs. Concentration and integration in the Sheffield crucible steel industry. J. G. Timmins. Business History, 24 (Mar 82) p.61-78. il. refs.

Enterprise in the Barnsley linen industry in the eighteenth and nineteen centuries. John Goodchild. Textile History, 13 (Autumn 82) p.249-69. il. refs.

The influence of company law on corporate reporting procedures, 1865-1929: an exemplification. J. R. Edwards and K. M. Webb. Business History, 24 (Nov 82) p.259-79. il. refs.

Markets and marketing in the British motor industry before 1914 with some French comparisons. Roy Church. J. of Transport History, 3 (Mar 82) p.1-20. il. refs.

Marshall and the birth and death of firms: the growth and size distribution of firms in the early nineteenth-century cotton industry. R. Lloyd-Jones and A. A. Le Roux. Business History, 24 (Jul 82) p.141-55. il. refs.

The Norwich book trades before 1800. David Stoker. Cambridge Bibliographical Soc. Trans., 8 (1981) p.79-125. refs.

On the eve of the Great Depression: the economy of the Sledmere estate, 1869-1878. Barbara English. Business History, 24 (Mar 82) p.24-47. il. refs.

The origins of British strike statistics. S. W. Creigh. Business His-tory, 24 (Mar 82) p.95-105. refs.

The origins of the textile industry in Alsace: the beginnings of the manufacture of printed cloth at Wesserling (1762-1802). Jean-Marie Schmitt. Textile History, 13 (Spring 82) p.99-109. il. refs.

The private banks of Birmingham, 1800-1827. David J. Moss. Business History, 24 (Mar 82) p.79-94. il. refs.

The Rhenish-Westphalian Business Archives. W. O. Henderson. Business History, 24 (Jul 82) p.211.

The story of Eliza Tilsley - nail mistress. Geoff Webb. Blackcountryman, 15 (Summer 82) p.43-6. if.

Textiles and the Anglo-French commercial treaty of 1786. Marie Donaghay. Textile History, 13 (Autumn 82) p.205-24. refs.

The timing of major investment in railway capacity: CPR's 1913 Connaught Tunnel decision. Gary G. Backler and Trevor D. Heaver. Business History, 24 (Nov 82) p.300-14. il. refs.

Two Leicester grocers: Henry Raiment and Vickers Mount. J. D. Bennett. Leicestershire Historian, 2 (1981/2) p.24-9. il. refs.

The wool textile industry of Gallia Belgica and the Secundinii of Igel: questions and hypotheses. J. F. Drinkwater. Textile History, 13 (Spring 82) p.111-28. il. refs.

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