Doing the research

The Penguin Dictionary of English: Exercise

You are writing an essay on marketing. Look at the following extract from the New Penguin Dictionary of English. Answer the questions that follow:


market [maarket] n open space or public building for buying and selling; assembly of people for buying and selling; the Stock Exchange, or different parts of it specializing in certain types of stock; opportunity for buying and selling; supply-and-demand position governing trading; value of commodities, stocks, shares, in the market; in the m. for wanting to buy; on the m. for sale; play the m. speculate on the Stock Exchange; m. research research by manufacturers into consumers' views on their goods ~ market v/t send, take (goods) to market; buy or sell in a market ~ marketable adj that can be bought or sold.


  1. If someone is "in the market for something", what does it mean?
  2. If something is "on the market", what does it mean?
  3. If someone "plays the market", what does it mean?
  4. What is "market research"?
  5. What does "marketable" mean?
  6. Which of the above phrases are useful for you?

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