Academic English Needs: Writing

Use the following table to find out what your academic English language needs for writing are and your ability in each area. You can then work out your priorities.


How important is it for you to perform these tasks well in English?

How well can you perform these tasks in English?


Not important

Quite important

Very important


Not at all

Not well

Quite well

Very well


1. Essays

2. Case studies                

3. Reports (of experiments etc)

4. Other research reports                
5. Reflective writing                
6. Literature review                

7. Other assignments


8. Practical writing (eg letters)


9. Workbook exercises


10. Exam answers (short answers)


11. Exam answers (1 or 2 paragraphs)


12. Exam answers (longer than 2 paragraphs)


13. Group projects

14. Research proposal                

15. Writing grammatically


16. Linking sentences in writing


17. Creating well structured paragraphs


18. Acknowledging sources


19. Writing a list of references

20. Avoiding plagiarism                

21. Developing an argument

22. Writing summaries                

23. Writing descriptions


24. Writing introductions and conclusions


25. Organising and planning writing


26. Spelling


27. Punctuation

28. Finding your voice                

29. Use of appropriate style


30. Handwriting


31. Choosing appropriate vocabulary


32. Other writing activity (please specify)