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Penguin English Dictionary

cloud-cuckoo-land [klowd-kookoo-land] n fanciful or ideal place.

clouded [klowdid] adj covered with clouds; obscured; marked with stripes, spots, or veins of colour; (fig) gloomy, anxious, ill-tempered.

cloudily [klowdili] a do in a cloudy way.

cloudiness [klowdinis] n quality of being cloudy.

cloudless [klowdles] adj free from clouds, clear, untroubled.

cloudlet [klowdlet] a little cloud.

cloud-rack [klowd-Rak] n broken drifting clouds. cloudy [klowdi] adj overcast, dull, full of clouds; not transparent; marked with stripes, spots, or veins of colour; (fig) obscure, vague.

clough [kluf] n steep-sided valley.

clout [klowt] n rag of cloth; dish-cloth; (toll) any article of clothing; (toll) heavy blow with the hand or bat; (archery) the mark shot at; iron plate on a boot to save wear ~ cloutv/t (toll) to strike with a clout, hit; patch or mend.

clout-nail [klowt-nayl] n short galvanized nail with large, round, flat head.

clove (1) [klOv] n small bulb which has budded off from larger one, as in garlic.

clove (2) n dried flower-bud of an aromatic plant used as a spice.

clove (3) p/t of cleave (1).

clove-gillyflower [klOv jiliflowr] n species of pink scented like clove.

clove-hitch [klOv-hich] n (naut) knot in rope passing round spar.

cloven (1) [klOven] p/part of cleave (1).

cloven (2) [klOven] adj. split to a certain depth, bifurcate; c. hoof divided hoof of ruminant quadrupeds, ascribed to the devil; (fig) sign of diabolic wickedness.

clove-pink [klOv-pink] n clove-gillyflower.

clover [klOver] n small plant with three-lobed leaves; be in c. enjoy every luxury.

cloverleaf [klOverleef] n system of road construction in which one highway crosses another on a higher level.

clown [klown] n the fool or buffoon in pantomime or circus; person of coarse manners or fond of horseplay; (ar) peasant, rustic; jester ~ clownv/i act the fool ~ clowneryn.

clowning [klowning] n deliberately ridiculous behaviour.

clownish [klownish] adj boorish, clumsy clownishly adv.

cloy [kloi] v/t and i satiate, weary, esp with excess.

club [klub] n thick stick knobbed at end, which can be used as weapon; stick used to play golf; one of the four suits of playing-cards, represented by black trefoil; association of people with common interest (political, athletic etc) who meet periodically; building used for this purpose ~ club (pres/part clubbing; p/t and p/partclubbed) v/t and i strike with a club; join together in a club; contribute jointly.

clubbable [klubab'l adj sociable, likely to be popular in a club.

clubbed [klubd] adj shaped like a club, thickened at the end; struck by a club.

club-foot [klub-foot] n distortion of the foot, which gives it a lumpy appearance ~ club-footedadj.

club-haul [klub-hawl] v/t (naut) put (vessel) on the other tack by emergency methods > PDSa.

club-house [klub-hows] n house in grounds of athletic club where members can get refreshments, change clothes etc.

clubland [klubland] n district in the West End of London where the principal clubs are situated.

club-law [klub-law] n rule of the strongest.

clubman [klubman] n member of a club; man about town.

club-moss [klub-mos] n (bat) kind of moss with club-like spore-cases.

club-room [klub-Room] n room hired by club to meet in.

cluck [kluk] n sound made by hen calling chickens, or when she is broody ~ cluck v/i.

clue [klOO] n anything which serves to point the way out of difficulties, contributes to the solving of a mystery etc; not have a c. be completely at a loss to understand, know nothing about.

clueless [klOOlis] adj (toll) utterly helpless, stupid, ignorant.

clump [klump ] n shapeless mass of material; number of trees or plants planted together in cluster; stout extra sole on shoe; sound of heavy footfalls; (toll) heavy knock, clout ~ clumpv/t and i tread with heavy footfalls; group together in a mass; (coll) strike, punch.

clumsy [klumzi] adj awkward in movements; awkwardly made; inelegant ~ clumsilyadvclumsinessn.

clung [klung] p/t and p/part of cling.

cluster [kluster] n number of people or things grouped together; number of fruits or flowers growing together, esp grapes ~ clusterv/i.

clustered [klusterd] adj gathered in clusters; c. column (archi) column encircled, by more slender columns.

clutch (1) [kluch] v/t and i seize eagerly or grasp tightly with hands or claws; grasp tightly ~ clutchn a snatch, grasp, or grip; (meth) device for connecting and disconnecting a driving and a driven part of a mechanism, esp one permitting gradual engagement.

clutch (2) n brood of chickens; number of eggs laid by a bird at one time; (fig) cluster, bunch ~ clutchvt hatch (chickens).

clutter [kluter] n confused mass, untidy collection ~ clutterv/t crowd (a place) with disorderly mass of things, litter.

clyster [klister] n an enema.

co-pref together, in common, jointly, equally, mutually.

coach [kOch] n formerly, large type of carriage or horse-drawn passenger vehicle; railway carriage, which may be divided into compartments; public motor vehicle for long runs; tutor preparing candidate for examination; one who trains competitors for athletic contests ~ coachvt and i travel by coach; prepare (pupil) for examination; train (team or person) for contest.

coach-box [kOch-boks] n driver's seat on a coach.

coachbuilder [kOch-bilder] n craftsman who makes the bodies of motor vehicles.

coach-built [kOch-bilt] adj (mot) with the body-work specially built by a coachbuilder.

coach-house [kOch-hows] n outhouse for carriages.