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The General Science Index

The General Science Index is a bibliographic database that indexes articles of at least one column in length from English-language periodicals published in the United States and Great Britain. Periodical coverage includes popular science magazines as well as professional journals. General Science Index also covers The New York Times Science Section (published weekly on Tuesday).

The Subjects Covered are: Astronomy, Atmospheric Science, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Conservation, Earth Science, Environment, Food, Genetics, Health, Mathematics, Medicine, Microbiology, Nutrition, Oceanography, Physics, Physiology, Zoology


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Nature and nurture

Eugenics revisited: trends in behavioural genetics. J. Horgan. il Sci Am v268 p122-8+ Je'93




continued on later pages of same issue


illustrations [includes diagrams, graphs, plans, plates, tables]


part, -s






































compiled, compiler










supplement, -s




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translated, -ion, -or


edited, edition, editor




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portrait, -s



Look at the following extract from June 1993 - May 1994


Light-driven proton or chloride pumping by halorhodopsin. E. Bamberg and others. bibl il Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A v90 p639-43 Ja 15 '93

Halos (Meteorology)

Engaging rings [lunar halos and aureoles] B. Berman. il Discover v14 p27 Jl '93


Autoantibodies to hepatic microsomal carboxylesterase in halothane hepatitis. G. C. M. Smith and others. bibl il Lancet v342 p963-4 O 16 '93

Cerebrovasodilation elicited by fastigial stimulation is preserved under deep halothane anesthesia. C. Iadecola and others. bibl il Am J Physiol v265 p R187-R194 Jl '93 pt2

Halothane alters cytosolic calcium transient in tracheal smooth muscle. K. A. Jones and others. bibl il Am J Physiol v265 p L80-L86 J1 '93 ptl

Molecular mechanism of Ca-ATPase activation by halothane in sarcoplasmic reticulum. B. S. Karon and D. D. Thomas, bibl il Biochemistry v32 p7503-11 Jl 27 '93


Availability of essential amino acids in dry-cured ham. F. Toldr? and M. C. Aristoy. bibl il Int J Food Sci Nutr v44 p215-19 0 '93

Nitrosamines in food-contact netting: regulatory and analytical challenges. J. Marsden and R. Pesselman. bibl it Food Technol v47 p131-4 Mr '93

Hamamelis See Witch hazel

Hamburgers See Meat products

Hamiltonian function

Canonical transformation to energy and "tempus" in classical mechanics. D. H. Kobe, bibl il Am J Phys v61 p1031-7 N '93

Classical degeneracy and the existence of additional constants of motion. S. Weigert and H. Thomas. bibl Am J Phys v61 p272-7 Mr '93

Classical symptoms of quantum illnesses. C. Zhu and J. R. Klauder. bibl il Am .1 Phys v61 p605-11 Jl '93

Hannay angle study of the Foucault pendulum in action-angle variables. A. Khein and D. F. Nelson. bibl Am J Phys v61 p170-4 F '93

Lattice effect of strong electron correlation: implication for ferroelectricity and superconductivity. T. Egami and others. bibl il Science v261 p1307-10 S 3 '93

A persistent error in action-angle treatments of Hamiltonian mechanics. A. Khein and D. F. Nelson. bibl Am J Phys v61 p175-6 F '93

Spin population analysis and local spin Hamiltonian parameters in exchange-coupled systems. P. Bertrand. bibl il Inorg Chem v32 p741-5 Mr 3 '93

Hammerheads See Sharks

Hammett equation

Correlations between the ligand electrochemical parameter, EL(L) and the Hammett substituent parameter. H. Masui and A. B. P. Lever. bibl il Inorg Chem v32 p2199-201 My 12 '93

Determining Hammett sigma and rho values. B. A. Hathaway and B. Olesen. bibl il JChem Educ v70 p953-5 N '93

Do our students really understand the Hammett equation? A. L. Schwan. bibl il J Chem Educ v70 p1001-2 D '93


Independence of heart rate and circadian period in the golden hamster. R. Refinetti and M. Menaker. bibl il Am J Physiol v264 p R235-R238 F '93 pt2

Neuroendocrine mechanisms of environmental integration [noting photoperiodic response in Siberian hamster (Phodopus sungorus)] K. S. Matt. bibl il Am Zool v33 no2 p266-74 '93

Role of nitric oxide in leukotriene C4-induced increases in microvascular transport. W. G. Mayhan. bibl il Am J Physiol v265 p H409-H414 Jl '93 pt2

Food and feeding

Daidzin and daidzein suppress free-choice ethanol intake by Syrian Golden hamsters. W.-M. Keung and B. L. Vallee. bibl il Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A v90 p10008-12 N 1 '93

Dietary arachidonate enhances tissur arachidonate levels and eicosanoid production in Syrian hamsters. J. Whelan and others. bibl il J Nutr v123 p2174-85 D '93

Dietary biotin deficiency affects reproductive function and prenatal development in hamsters. T. Watanabe. bibl il J Nutr v123 p2101-8 D '93

Habits and behavior

In vivo microdialysis of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid and glutamic acid in the hamster suprachiasmatic nuclei. J. D. Glass and others. bibl il Am Zool v33 no2 p212-18 '93

Individual odours and mating success in the golden hamster, Mesocricetus auratus. Z. Tang-Martinez and others. bibl i1 Anim Behav v45 p1141-51 Je '93

Individual scent signatures in goklen hamsters: evidence for specialization of function [Mesocricetus auratus] R. E. Johnston and others bibl il Anim Behav v45 p1061-70 Je '93

Learning to recafbrate the role of dead reckoning and visual cues in spatial navigation A. S. Etienne and otbers. bibl il Anim Learn Behav v21 p266-80 Ag '93

Shortcut ability in hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus): the role of environmental and kinesthetic information. N. Chapuis and P. Scardigli. bibl il Anim Learn Behav v21 p255-65 Ag '93


Easy hamstring stretches. M. P. Schatz. il Physician Sportsmedicine v22 p115-16 F '94; Discussion. v22 p36+ My '94

Hamstrings-an anterior cruciate ligament protagonist: an in vitro study. R. C. More and others. bibl il Am JSports Med v21 p231-7 Mr/Ap '93

When hamstring pain persists. S. M. Weinstein. Physician Sportsmedicine v21 p20 Ag '93


See also



Effect of limb anesthesia on middle cerebral response to handgrip. L. G. J?rgensen and others. bibl il Am J Physiol v264 p H553-H559 F '93 pt2

Functional sensibility of the hand after nerve repair. G. Lundborg and others. bibl Lancet v342 p1300 N 20'93

How somatotopic is the motor cortex hand area? M. H. Schieber and L. S. Hibbard. bibl il Science v261 p489-92 Jl 23 '93

Abnormalities and deformities

Somatosensory cortical plasticity in adult humans revealed by magnetoencephalography. A. Mogilner and others. bibl il Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A v90 p3593-7 Ap 15 '93

Care and hygiene

Combating infection: 25 tips on hand washing. J. E. Sheldon. il Nurs 94 v24 p20 Ja '94

Gloves work well, but you should still wash your hands. RN v56 p18 N '93

Handwashing and glove use in a long-term-care facility-Maryland, 1992. J Am Med Assoc v270 p1678 O 13 '93

Healers or killers? E. H. Winslow. Am J Nurs v93 p20 N '93

Is hand lotion nurses' friend or patients' foe? E. M. Krahe. RN v56 p61 Ag '93

Safe manicures. il Am Health v12 p54 Je '93

Strength training for troubled nails. P. Boyer. il Prevention v45 p106-7+ Ap '93


See also

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Development of Dupuytren's contracture during growth hormone therapy. W. Kiess and O. Butenandt. Lancet v342 p181-2 Jl 17 '93

Getting a grip on hand problems. C. P. Weinstock. il FDA Consum v27 p34-8 Jl/Ag '93

Skin diseases of the hands and feet. D. M. Elson and W. F. Bergfeld. bibl il Physician Sportsmedicine v22 p403+ Mr '94

T-cell-mediated response in Dupuytren's disease. K. S. Baird and others. bibl il Lancet v341 p1622-3 Je 26 '93; Discussion. v342 p366 Ag 7 '93


Hypothenar hammer syndrome in a young female badminton player: a case report. Y. Koga and others. bibl il Am J Sports Med v21 p890-2 N/D '93

Surgery for bilateral carpal tunnel release. Am Fam Phys v47 p996-7 Mr '93

Wounds and injuries

Close-up on scaphoid fracture. M. M. Bailey and J. Michalski. il Nurs 93 v23 p49 Mr '93

Hand tools See Tools

Handedness See Left- and right-handedness


See also

Americans with Disabilities Act


Cerebral palsy


Mentally handicapped

Abuse of disabled children. A. James. Lancet v341 p553-4 F 27 '93

Disability assessment. V. Choo. Lancet v341 p1274 My 15 '93

Enriching science education for students with disabilities. K. Hopkin. il Science v259 p1922 Mr 26 '93

Older people now more able-bodied than before. C. Marwick. J Am Med Assoc v269 p2333+ My 12 '93

Prevalence of mobility and self-care disability-United States, 1990. bibl J Am Med Assoc v270 p1918 O 27 '93

The problem solvers: engineers with disabilities. K. Hopkin. il Science v260 p1349 My 28 '93

Safe science classrooms for students with disabilities. J. A. Bazler and R. Roberts. bibl Am Biol Teach v55 p302-3 My '93


Shoulder pain in wheelchair athletes: the role of muscle imbalance. R. S. Burnham and others. bibl il Am J Sports Med v21 p238-42 Mr/Ap '93

Special licenses for handicapped hunters. W. Jones. il Conservationist v48 p20 O '93

Handicapped, Apparatus for the

See also

Blind, Apparatus for the

Deaf, Apparatus for the

Hearing aids

Robot helper for disabled workers. M. Glaskin. il New Sci v141 p21 F 26 '94

Handling of animals See Animals, Effect of handling on

Handwashing See Hand-Care and hygiene

Handwriting See Writing

Handwriting analysis See Graphology

Hanford Nuclear Reservation (Wash.)

The dirtiest place on Earth. D. Fishlock. il map New Sci v141 p34-7 F 19 '94

Startup is cleanup, says Energy [plutonium finishing plant at Hanford] E. Nelson. ii Bull At Sci v49 p6-7 D '93

Hang gliding See Gliding and soaring

Hansen's disease See Leprosy


Peroxisome biogenesis in the yeast Hansenula polymorpha is controlled by a complex set of interacting gene products. V. I. Titorenko and others. bibl il Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A v90 p7470-4 Ag 15 '93


Antibodies to different strains of hantavirus in end-stage renal disease in USA and Japan. J. B. Peter and others. bibl Lancet v343 p181 Ja 15 '94

Genetic identification of a hantavirus associated with an outbreak of acute respiratory illness. S. T. Nichol and others. bibl il Science v262 p914-17 N 5 '93

Genetically distinct hantavirus in deer mice. V. R. Nerurkar and others. bibl il Lancet v342 p1058-9 O 23 '93

Guillain-Barre syndrome associated with hantavirus infec-tion. R. A. J. Esselink and others. bibl Lancet v343 p180-1 Ja 15 '94

Hantavirus-associated acute respiratory failure. K. Prochoda and others. bibl N Engl J Med v329 p1744 D 2 '93

Hantavirus-associated illness update. Am Fam Phys v48 p1166 N 1 '93

Hantavirus disease emerging. R. Levins and others. Lancet v342 p1292 N 20 '93

Hantavirus outbreak yields to PCR [sidebar: Virology without a virus] E. Marshall. il Science v262 p832+ N 5 '93

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: an emerging infectious disease. J. M. Hughes and others. bibl map Science v262 p850-1 N 5 '93

Identifying a hantavirus associated with acute respiratory illness: a PCR victory? B. LeGuenno. bibl Lancet v342 p1438-9 D 11 '93

Is "south-west US mystery disease" caused by hantavirus? W. F. Denetclaw, Jr. and T. H. Denetclaw. bibl Lancet v343 p53-4 Ja 1 '94

The mouse-pinon nut connection [deer mice and the hantavirus] R. Stone. il map Science v262 p833 N 5 '93

Race to grow hantavirus ends in tie. E. Marshall and R. Stone. il Science v262 p1509 D 3 '93

A rogues' gallery of hantaviruses. R. Stone. il Science v262 p835 N 5 '93

Update: hantavirus pulmonary syndrome-United States, 1993. bibl J Am Med Assoc v270 p2287-8 N 17 '93

Haplochromis See Cichlids (Fish)

Haplodiploidy See Chromosomes-Haplodiploidy

Haploidy See Chromosomes-Haploidy


An apolipoprotein CIII haplotype protective against hypertriglyceridemia is specified by promoter and 3' untranslated region polymorphisms. M. Dammerman and others. bibl il Proc Nail Acad Sci U S A v90 p4562-6 My 15 '93

A cladistic analysis of phenotypic associations with haplotypes inferred from restriction endonuclease mapping. Nested analyses with cladogram uncertainty and recombination. A. R. Templeton and C. F. Sing. bibl il Genetics v134 p659-9 Je '93

A colonial invertebrate species that displays a hierarchy of allorecognition responses [Botryllus schlosseri] B. Rinkevich and others. bibl il Biol Bull v184 p79-86 F '93

Empirical tests of some predictions from coalescent theory with applications to intraspecific phylogeny reconstruction. K. A. Crandall and A. R. Templeton. bibl il Genetics v134 p959-69 Jl '93

The role of deme size, reproductive patterns, and dispersal in the dynamics of t-lethal haplotypes. L. Nunney and A. E. M. Baker. bibl il Evolution v47 p1342-59 O '93

t haplotypes in the mouse compromise sperm flagellar function. P. Olds-Clarke and L. R. Johnson. bibl il Dev Biol v155 p14-25 Ja '93

Y-chromosome-specific haplotype diversity in Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews. G. Lucotte and others. bibl il Hum Biol v65 p835-40 O '93


Gender and race: an interaction affecting the replicability of well-being across groups. B. J. McCulloch. bibl il Women Health v19 no4 p65-89 '92

Haptoglobins See Blood-Proteins


Where opposites attract [Japan, China and North Korea collaborate on a plan to turn the Tumen River delta into a free trade area] S. Court. il maps Geogr Mag v65 p24-7 Ja '93

Boston (Mass.)

Alternatives to the big pipe. S. Peterson. Oceanus v36 p71-6 Spr '93

Boston Harbor: fallout over the outfall. D. G. Aubrey and M. S. Conner. il map Oceanus v36 p61-70 Spr '93

The Boston Harbor Project. il map Oceanus v36 p50-1 Spr '93

"Let's clean up the harbor!". il Oceanus v36 p52 Spr '93

Sewer infrastructure: an orphan of our times. P. F. Levy. il map Oceanus v36 p53-60 Spr '93


Crystal buckyballs are forever. T. Patel. New Sci v140 p19 D 18 '93

Predicting useful materials. M. L. Cohen. bibl il Science v261 p307-8 Jl 16 '93

What's harder than diamond? D. Bradley. il New Sci v137 p22-3 Mr 20 '93

Why silicon is hard. J. J. Gilman. bibl il Science v261 p1436-9 S 10 '93

Hardness of corn kernels See Corn kernels

Hardness of water See Water-Hardness


Can the solar cycle and climate synchronize the snowshoe hare cycle in Canada? Evidence from tree rings and ice cores. A. R. E. Sinclair and others. bibl il Am Nat v141 p173-98 F '93

Hares tell foxes 'I can see you'. C. Putnam. il New Sci v139 p15 Ag 28 '93

Pacemaker of the hares. C. Zimmer. il Discover v14 p20 Je '93

Food and feeding

Response of captive snowshoe hares to thiram-treated conifers. S. A. Rangen and others. bibl il J Wildl Manage v57 p648-51 Jl '93

Seasonal use of salt blocks by mountain hares in Sweden. W. E. Faber and others. bibl il J Wildl Manage v57 p843-6 O '93

Harish-Chandra, d. 1983

Ramanujan and Harish-Chandra. V. Kumar Murty. bibl Math Intell v15 p33-9 Spr '93

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