Academic Writing

Rhetorical functions in academic writing: Recommendations

It is often necessary, especially in reports and case studies, to include some recommendations or suggestions for further work in - or after - the conclusion. You may need to be cautious in your recommendations.


For example:

Further research is needed, however, before the use of such materials can be recommended for all students in all subject areas at all levels.


However, these solutions can only be temporary and and the only long-term solution seems to be conservation and pollution control..


Further testing should be conducted to determine the effects of chrome layer loss on cylinder barrel performance.


1. Stocks of 20 No. 20361, and 20 No. U.1707 blades must be built up in the Tool Stores to meet present requirements.
2. Worn undamaged blades must be returned to the supplier in batches of 6 for replacement at £10.00 each.
3. New armatures from the supplier must be used when repairing Rip-Snorter motors.


Strong recommendation


Weak recommendation

… must be done. 
… is needed.
... is necessary. 
There is a continuing need for …
It is strongly recommended that …
… should be done.
… is strongly recommended.
It is recommended that ...
... should be considered.
It is advisable to …
… could/might/may be considered.