Grammar in EAP

Nouns: Head Nouns


Identify the head nouns in the following nominal groups:

  1. The difference between these two solutions has been further analysed by Hoenselaers and Ernst (1990).
  2. This would be pointless since the State was not the main cause of the unjust social system but simply its effect.
  3. By comparison, the number of deaths recorded as criminal homicide was 600, which includes all the murders and manslaughters.
  4. As a result of exposure to the arguments of the Greek sceptics, many would have felt that the question, whether they or the so-called ancients were better placed to acquire knowledge, did not arise.
  5. The position here advocated is the traditional view which regards an obligation to obey as a result of a special relationship between an individual and his state.
  6. To acknowledge any such standard would be to accept a principle that might lead to a lesser religious or other liberty, if not to a loss of freedom altogether to advance many of one's spiritual ends.
  7. Some people may feel that Rawls' original position is already a description of a process of compromise, of settling for the second best.
  8. Anthropology thus played a central role in the development of Marxism.

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