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Adjectival Group


An adjectival group is typically a group with an adjective as its head. That adjective is likely to be modified either before the adjective (pre-modification) or after the adjective (post-modification or qualification) or both. For example, in the adjectival group “very difficult indeed”, “difficult” is an adjective in the Head position. It is pre-modified by “very” and post-modified - or qualified by - “indeed”.

Identify the adjectival groups in the following sentences, distinguishing the pre- and post-modifiers.

For example

He felt quite excited at the thought of such a good name.

  1. This article analyses the constitutional aspects behind the formation of the first and second National Governments, examining in particular the role of the king in the formation of the two governments - a role which, as will be seen, was rather more important than is usually thought.
  2. The third National Government was the type of coalition government with which British history is much more familiar.
  3. A fee was paid to the ruling body and in the early years these were very low indeed.
  4. Reaction-diffusion mechanisms are very good at generating repeated patterns of many peaks of morphogen concentration.
  5. It is very convenient that the three digits are so unlike one another since they can be easily recognized.
  6. Sea-urchin embryos are very attractive for developmental biologists.
  7. Francis Crick once remarked that embryos seemed to be very fond of stripes.
  8. Some movements may be too slow for the human eye to detect.
  9. To them it is not good enough to say that the idea of a god has 'great psychological appeal'.
  10. The list of the poets he welcomed into CV's pages is more inclusive than that of any other small magazine of the forties.


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