Grammar in EAP



All finite clauses require a subject and a predicate.  Identify the subject and predicate in the following clauses.

  1. Reginald Bassett's 1931: Political Crisis was the first attempt to look at the events of 1931 free from contemporary preconceptions.
  2. The urethra is the pipe through which the urine or ejaculate passes.
  3. The sense that he captured of individual isolation in the modern environment bears far stronger comparison with the contemporary work of van Gogh, who explored the theme in The Night Café‚ at Arles.
  4. It may easily be shown that the solutions of Khan and Penrose, and of Szekeres are included in this class.
  5. We can take this argument to its logical conclusion and apply it to normal, "own" genes.
  6. There are fragments of DNA that are not incorporated in chromosomes but float freely and multiply in the fluid contents of cells, especially bacterial cells.
  7. The foregoing remarks apply directly to some of the inflationary accounts of voluntary obligations and of consent, and have to be adapted to meet the challenge presented by others.
  8.  This situation will arise only very rarely if a regime of symptom control and no more has been adopted.
  9. The first year began with an extraordinarily intense program in drawing.
  10. The paintings that correctly remain from Joyant's and Dortu's chronology comprise, in style, a fairly homogeneous group.

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