Cohesion: Signalling

Exercise 1

Identify the signalling words in the following text.

Because language plays such an important role in teaching, Bellack and his colleagues chose to examine in some detail the "language game" in the classroom. They contended that "teaching is similar to most games in at least two respects. It is a form of social activity in which the players (teachers and students) fill different but complementary roles. Furthermore, teaching is governed by certain ground rules that guide the actions or moves made by the participants" (p. 4). By studying the language game, then, Bellack et al. intended to identify the various types of verbal moves made by teachers and students and the rules they followed in making these moves. As a result, they could investigate the functions these verbal moves served and examine the meanings that were being communicated.

(Lorin Anderson & Robert Burns (1989) Research in classrooms, p. 278)

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