Doing the research: Dewey decimal system

Exercise 1

While only librarians need to be experts, it is useful to have an overall idea of how the Dewey system works.

Look at this list of books and try to work out the broad class for each book.

Book Title & Author

Dewey Call Number

Savoir-faire: An advanced French course by Catrine Carpenter & Elspeth Broady


Hinduism and the religious arts by Heather Elwood.


Encyclopaedia of information technology by Volker Claus & Andreas Schwill.


Kant's transcendental psychology by Patricia Kitcher.


Graphic design: Vision, process, product by Louis D. Ocepek


A history of South-east Asia by D. G. E. Hall.


An introduction to sociology by J. E. Goldthorpe.


Decision mathematics by Sue de Pomerai & John Berry.


Advanced vehicle technology by Heinz Heisler.


An introduction to literature, criticism and theory by Andrew Bennet &, Nicholas Royle.


Business French by John Hudson & Nicole Tosser.


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