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General Science Index: Exercise

The General Science Index is a bibliographic database that indexes articles of at least one column in length from English-language periodicals published in the United States and Great Britain. Periodical coverage includes popular science magazines as well as professional journals.

Look at the following extract from 1993/94. Find articles that might be useful for the following areas:



Adaptation of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) tips to mercury drop electrodes and evaluation by flow injection analysis. I. G. R. Gutz and others. bibl il Anal Chem v65 p500-3 F 15 '93

Triple-pulse voltammetry and polarography. C. Serna and others. bibl il Anal Chem v65 p215-22 F 1 '93


Iodine-doped polyazines: evidence against bipolarons and nitrenium ions. D. S. Dudis and others. bibl il J Am Chem Soc v115 p8770-4 S 22 '93

Polders See Reclamation of land

Polemonium See Jacob's ladder


      See also

    Computers-Police uses

Infrared imager colours police's view. G. Clayton. New Sci v140 p22 0 9 '93

Three-faced practice: doctors and police custody. bibl Lancet v341 p1245-7 My 15 '93; Discussion. v341 p1656-7 Je 26 '93

Urban violence in Los Angeles in the aftermath of the riots: a perspective from health care professionals, with implications for social reconstruction. W. C. Shoemaker and others. bibl J Am Med Assoc v270 p2833-7 D 15 '93


Vaccines and vaccination

Albert B. Sabin (1906-1993) [obituary] H. Koprowski. Nature v362 p499 Ap 8 '93

Congenital anomalies after oral poliovirus vaccination during pregnancy, A. Ornoy and P. B. Ishai. bibl Lancet v341 p 1 162 My 1 '93

Eradication of polio in the Americas. F. C. Bobbins. bibl J Am Med Assoc v270 p1857-9 O 20 '93

FDA to rescue Russian vaccine program. R. Stone. Science v261 p151 Jl 9 '93

Poliomyelitis-Vaccines and vaccination-cont. Immunogenicity of a supplemental dose of oral versus inactivated poliovirus vaccine. B. J. Moriniere and others. bibl il Lancet v341 p1545-50 Je 19 '93; Discussion. v342 p370-1 Ag 7 '93

Isolation of wild poliovirus type 3 among members of a religious community objecting to vaccination-Alberta, Canada, 1993. bibl J Am Med Assoc v269 p3104 Je 23/30 '93

National poliomyelitis immunization days-People's Republic of China, 1993. bibl J Am Med Assoc v270 p2537+ D 1 '93

Outbreak of poliomyelitis in Namibia. A. B. W. van Niekerk and others. bibl Lancet v343 p51 Ja 1 '94

Peer review and the origin of AIDS-a case study in rejected ideas. B. Martin. bibl BioScience v43 p624-7 O '93

Persisting poliomyelitis after high coverage with oral poliovaccine. R Samuel and others. bibl il Lancet v341 p903 Ap 3 '93

Progress in polio education. P. A. Patriarca and others. bibl Lancet v342 p1461-4 D 11 '93

Retroviruses and poliovaccines. A. J. Garrett and others. bibl il Lancet v342 p932-3 O 9 '93; Discussion. v343 p52-3 Ja 1 '94; v343 p6l l Mr 5 '94

Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis. L. Mermel and others. bibl N Engl J Med v329 p810-11 S 9 '93; Discussion. v329 p1968-9 D 23 '93

Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis and HIV infection. N. Ion-Nedelcu and others. bibl Lancet v343 p51-2 Ja 1 '94; Discussion. v343 p609-11 Mr 5 '94

A world without polio: 'future generations will know by history only ...'. W. H. Foege. bibl J Am Med Assoc v270 p1859-60 0 20 '93


Genetics of poliovirus. E. Wimmer and others. bibl il Annu Rev Genet v27 p353-436 '93

Political candidates See Candidates, Political

Political ethics

Bribery and drug prices [Italy's ongoing investigation into corruption in public life: the De Lorenzo family] T. Keates. Lancet v342 p166 Jl 17 '93

Poggiolini's possessions. T. Keates. Lancet v342 p919-20 O 9 '93

Political pressure groups See Pressure groups

Political prisoners

      See also

    Civil rights

    Concentration camps

    Prisoners of war

China pressed on rights in changed political context. W. Sweet. Phys Today v46 p80-2 Mr '93

Concern mounts sharply about Liu Gang's condition. Phys Today v46 p70-1 J1 '93

Fabricating guilt [Russia's persecution of Vil Mirzayanov for revealing chemical weapons program] G. Colby. por Bull At Sci v49 p12-13 O '93

Political psychology

      See also


Kanengamah and Pohnpei's politics of concealment. G. Petersen. bibl Am Anthropol v95 p33452 Je '93

Political violence See Terrorism


      See also

    Candidates, Political

Being called to care for the mighty poses unique challenges for attending physician. C. Marwick. J Am Med Assoc v270 p298+ Jl 21 '93

Executive bins. Am Hortic v72 p24 S '93

Experts in everything and nothing J. Harris. il New Sci v138 p45 Je 19 '93

French science survives cuts by new government [new minister of higher education and research Francois FilIon] D. Butler. por Nature v363 p200 My 20 '93

Government 'minders' for opposition visits. M. Hamer. New Sci v139 p7 Ag 28 '93

Health care reform: the labyrinth of Congress. J. K. Iglehart. bibl N Engl J Med v329 p1593-6 N 18 '93

Hitler's medical records re-examined. J. M. Bader. Lancet v341 p822 Mr 27 '93

India: public servants and population control. S. Kumar. Lancet v341 p426-7 F 13 '93

Is Carol Browner in over her head? J. Bowermaster. por Audubon v95 p58-61+ S/O '93

Italian universities 'must be more efficient' [Italy's new science minister, Umberto Colombo] A. Abbott. por Nature v364 p473 Ag 5 '93

Lawyer named minister for German research [Matthias Wissmann] A. Abbott. Nature v361 p286 Ja 28 '93

Medical care for Serbian opposition leader. O. Tosic. Lancet v342 p107 Jl 10 '93

More ways than one to skin a cat [science spokesmen Edward Leigh and Lewis Moonie] W. Bown. por New Sci v138 p44-5 My 29 '93

New EC commissioner is seen as friend of basic research [Antonio Ruberti] A. Abbott. por Nature v361 p286 Ja 28 '93

Pity poor understanding. Nature v363 p480 Je 10 '93

A pragmatist in the White House [science advisor, John H. Gibbons] S. J. Marcus. Technol Rev v96 p5 Ap '93

The prophet and the pol [informal meeting between Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and David Brower, Sierra Club's first executive director, in Kings Canyon National Park] J. Hamilton. il Sierra v78 p32+ S/O '93

Rising to Waldegrave's challenge [of describing a Higgs boson] A. Coghlan. por New Sci v139 p12 S 11 '93

The road from Rio: an interview with Gro Harlem Brundtland [the prime minister of Norway] por Technol Rev v96 p60+ Ap '93; Discussion. v96 p6-7 Ag/S '93

Teething troubles over Hitler's body. T. Patel. New Sci v137 p10 Mr 27 '93

Thatcher's tale. Nature v365 p680 O 21 '93

White Paper 'meaningless' without money [sidebar: Waldegrave's strategy wins over old adversary (Brian Flowers)] W. Bown. por New Sci v138 p4 Je 5 '93

Yet another science minister for Germany. P. Aldhous. Science v260 p889 My 14 '93


      See also

    Computers-Political uses



    Engineers-Political activities


    Nurses-Political activities

    Physicians-Political activities

    Scientists-Political activities

    Students-Political activities


    Women in politics

      See also subhead Politics and government under the following subjects










    Great Britain







Middle East


New Zealand



Russia (Republic)


South Africa




Tibet (China)


United States

Western Europe

A scientific approach to governing [facetious conversation with Dr. Noitall] D. E. Koshland, Jr. Science v261 p275 Jl 16 '93

Politics, Practical

Psychological aspects

      See Political psychology

Politics and science See Science and state


Allergy-free greenery. G. Gutfeld and others. il Prevention v45 p14+ Mr '93

A cytological analysis of microspores of Triticum aestivum (Poaceae) during normal ontogeny and induced embryogenic development. T. L. Reynolds. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p569-76 My '93

Effects of soil nitrogen on pollen production, pollen grain size, and pollen performance in Cucurbita pepo (Cucurbitaceae). T. C. Lau and A. G. Stephenson. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p763-8 Jl '93

Evolution of a flower dimorphism: how effective is pollen dispersal by "male" flowers? R. D. Podolsky. bibl il Ecology v74 p2255-60 D '93

Exine initiation and substructure in pollen of Caesalpinia japonica (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae). M. Takahashi. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p192-7 F '93

Interaction between a coating-borne peptide of the Brassica pollen grain and stigmatic S (self-incompatibility) locus-specific glycoproteins. J. Doughty and others. bibl il Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A v90 p467-71 Ja 15 '93

The pollen-collecting hairs of Campanula (Campanu-laceae). I. Morphological variation and the retractive mechanism. Y. Nyman. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p1427-36 D '93

The pollen-collecting hairs of Campanula (Campanu-laceae). II. Function and adaptive significance in relation to pollination. Y. Nyman. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p1437-43 D '93

Pollen dressed for success. H. Dickinson. bibl il Nature v364 p573-4 Ag 12 '93

Pollen morphology in the Selagineae, Manuleae (Scrophu-lariaceae), and selected Globulariaceae, and its taxonomic significance. C. L. Argue. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p723-33 Je '93; Correction. v80 p1367 N '93

Pollen morphology, trichome types, and relationships of the Gronovioideae (Loasaceae). M. E. Poston and J. W. Nowicke. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p689-704 Je '93

Pollen wall development in Vigna vexillata. I. Characterization of wall layers. C. A. Pérez-Muňoz and others. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p1183-92 O '93

Pollen wall development in Vigna vexillata. II. Ultrastructural studies. C. A. Pérez-Muňoz and others. bibl it Am J Bot v80 p1193-202 O '93

Pollination dynamics of arctic dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa; Betulaceae) and its role in the loss of seed production. I. M. Weis and L. A. Hermanutz. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p1021-7 S '93

Promiscuous germination and growth of wildtype pollen from Arabidopsis and related species on the shoot of the Arabidopsis mutant, fiddlehead. S. J. Lolle and A. Y. Cheung. bibl il Dev Biol v155 p250-8 Ja '93

Resource and pollen limitation: plant size-dependent reproductive patterns in Physalis longifolia. W. S. Law-rence. bibl il Am Nat v141 p296-313 F '93

Specific mitochondrial proteins in pollen: presence of an additional ATP synthase β subunit. R. De Paepe and others. bibl il Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A v90 p5934-8 Jl 1 '93

A technique for staining pollen nuclei. R. Tatina and K. Hohn. bibl il Am Biol Teach v56 p174-5 Mr '94

Tests of two hypotheses concerning pollen competition in a self-compatible, long-styled species (Lobelia cardinalis: Lobeliaceae). M. O. Johnston. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p1400-6 D '93

Pollen, Fossil

      See also

    Pollen analysis

A 50,000-year record of climate oscillations from Florida and its temporal correlation with the Heinrich events. E. C. Grimm and others. bibl il Science v261 p198-200 J1 9 '93

Evidence for a Younger Dryas-like cooling event on the British Columbia coast. R. W. Mathewes and others. bibl il map Geology v21 p101-4 F '93

Long-term tree populations in northwest Greece through multiple Quaternary climatic cycles. P. C. Tzedakis. bibl il map Nature v364 p437-40 Jl 29 '93

Siberian peat reveals past climate. il Geotimes v38 p10 Ap '93

The ultrastructure of in situ Clavatipollenites pollen from the Early Cretaceous of Patagonia. S. Archangelsky and T. N. Taylor. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p879-85 Ag '93

Pollen analysis

Early stages of secondary succession recorded in soil pollen on the North Carolina Piedmont. E. W. B. Russell. bibl il Am Midl Nat v129 p38496 Ap '93

Fire history and vegetation dynamics of a Chamaecyparis thyoides wetland on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. G. Motzkin and others. bibl il maps J Ecol v81 no3 p391-402 '93

Holocene vegetation history at the boreal-forest-shrub-tundra transition in north-western Québec. K. Gajewski and others. bibl il map J Ecol v81 no3 p433-43 '93

Long-term vegetation dynamics and disturbance history of a Tsuga-dominated forest in New England. D. R. Foster and T. M. Zebryk. bibl il maps Ecology v74 p982-98 Je '93

Morphology of triprojectate fossil pollen: form and distribution in space and time. M. J. Farabee. bibl il maps Bot Rev v59 p2l l-49 JI/S '93

Palynology. R. Ravn. Geotimes v39 p18 F '94

Palynology [progress in 1992] R. A. Askin and S. R. Jacobson. Geotimes v38 p28 F '93

Postglacial vegetation and climate of Grand Teton and southern Yellowstone National Parks. C. Whitlock. bibl il map Ecol Monogr v63 p173-98 My '93; Correction. v63 p250 Ag '93

Vegetation and climate change in eastern North America since the last glacial maximum. I. C. Prentice and others. bibl il maps Ecology v72 p2038-56 D '91; Correction. v74 p998 Je '93

Pollen tubes

Ca2+ fluxes around pollen grains and pollen tubes of lily; normal development and effects of thermal shock, BAPTA-type buffer microinjection and depletion of boric acid from the medium. E. S. Pierson and others. bibl Biol Bull v185 p302-3 O '93

Clonal repeatability of in vitro pollen tube growth rates in Oenothera organensis (Onagraceae). K. Havens. bibl il Am J Bot v81 p161-5 F '94

Contribution of cryptic incompatibility to the mating sys-tem of Eichhomia paniculata (Pontederiaceae). M. B. Cruzan and S. C. H. Barrett. bibl il Evolution v47 p925-34 Je '93

Effects of pollen competition on progeny performance in a heterozygous cucurbit. M. Quesada and others. bibl il Am Nat v142 p694-706 0 '93

Functional syncarpy by intercarpellary growth of pollen tubes in a primitive apocarpous angiosperm, Illicium floridanum (Illiciaceae). E. G. Williams and others. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p137-42 F '93

In vitro and in vivo pollen hydration, germination, and pollen-tube growth in white spruce, Picea glauca (Moench) Voss. M. D. Dawkins and J. N. Owens. bibl il Int J Plant Sci v154 p506-21 D '93

Micropylar exudate in Gasteria (Aloaceae) and its possible function in pollen tube growth. M. A. W. Franssen-Verheijen and M. T. M. Willemse. bibl il Am J Bot v80 p253-62 Mr '93

Pollen aperture polymorphism and gametophyte performance in Viola diversifolia. I. Dajoz and others. bibl il Evolution v47 p1080-93 Ag '93

Pollination See Fertilization of plants

Polls, Public opinion See Public opinion

Pollution, Air See Air pollution

Pollution, Environmental See Environmental pollution

Pollution, Marine See Marine pollution

Pollution, Noise See Noise pollution

Pollution, Soil See Soil pollution

Pollution, Space See Space pollution

Pollution, Water See Water pollution

Poly(adenosine diphosphoribose) polymerase See Glycosyltransferases


Voltammetric characterization of soluble polyacetylene derivatives obtained from the ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) of substituted cyclooctatetraenes. T. H. Jozefiak and others. bibl il J Am Chem Soc v115 p4705-13 Je 2 '93


Soluble, highly conjugated derivatives of polyacetylene from the ring-opening metathesis polymerization of monosubstituted cyclooctatetraenes: synthesis and the relationship between polymer structure and physical properties. C. B. Gorman and others. bibl il J Am Chem Soc v115 p1397-409 F 24 '93


Tetraethynylmethane. K. S. Feldman and others. bibl il J Am Chem Soc v115 p3846-7 My 5 '93

Polyacrylamide See Acrylamide

Poly(adenosine diphosphate ribose) See Adenosine diphosphate ribose

Polyadenylation See Adenylation

Polyamides See Amides

Polyamines See Amines

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