Rhetorical Functions in Academic Writing: Describing processes and developments


Rewrite the following instructions as a description of the process involved.

Coffee Processing

Density Sorting

It is essential to separate the broken, small, undeveloped, and otherwise defective beans. This process is called density sorting. There are usually 2-3 stages of density sorting.

1. Remove the very dense rocks and stones from the coffee.

2. The coffee should be hulled and the debris removed.

3.Separate the coffee into three or more densities usinga densimetric table . Ensure that the settings on the machine arecontinuously monitored to ensure that proper sorting is occurring.

The light and less dense beans move to the right bottom side of the table, whereas the dense high-quality beans move to the upper third of the table. This table will also remove any remaining debris that have made it through the previous sorting stages.

4. If the highest qualities of coffee are required, run the upper third coffee again to further separate any small deviations in density.

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