Exercise 1 - Sentence and full-stop

Divide the following paragraphs into sentences. Put a capital letter at the beginning and a full-stop at the end.

a. the strategic nuclear forces of the United States incorporate both active offensive elements and passive defensive measures in the late 1980s the US Navy fleet of 36 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines carried 640 improved Poseidon and Trident SLBMs the longer range of these submarines gives them more room to manoeuvre these vessels included an increasing number of the larger Ohio-class submarines each one carries 24 Trident missiles
b. the Caspian Sea has a mean depth of about 170 m and is deepest in the south its level varies from year to year but averages about 28 m below sea level in the 1960s and 1970s the level fell substantially this was partly because water was withdrawn from tributary rivers for irrigation and other purposes
c. other hereditary blood-group systems have subsequently been discovered the hereditary blood constituent called Rh factor is of great importance in obstetrics and blood transfusions because it creates reactions that can threaten the life of newborn infants blood types M and N have importance in legal cases involving proof of paternity
d. firearms are identified through microscopic imperfections that are produced inadvertently in gun barrels during manufacture subsequent use and wear contribute further to a weapon's individuality a bullet fired from a pistol or rifle has impressed on its surface the individual characteristics of the barrel through which it was fired other parts of the gun also possess individual characteristics
e. toxicology may be defined as the science of poisons special methods of analytical chemistry have been developed for use in toxicological examinations the problem of separating poisons from other materials and of identifying them recurs constantly in a crime laboratory the specimens ordinarily examined in cases of suspected poisoning are tissue and the suspected poison itself
f. there are numerous theories about why crime occurs the oldest theory is that criminals are perverse persons who deliberately commit crimes or who do so at the instigation of the devil or other evil spirits this view persists among some people and provides a rationale for the harsh punishments still meted out to criminals in many parts of the world
g. the treatment and rehabilitation of criminals has improved in many areas the emotional problems of convicts have been studied and efforts have been made to help such offenders parole boards have engaged persons trained in psychology and social work to help convicts on parole or probation adjust to society various states have agencies with programs of reform and rehabilitation for both adult and juvenile offenders
h. the planet 55 Cancri B is about three-quarters as massive as Jupiter and orbits 55 Cancri at an average distance of 16 million km this is about 50 times closer than Jupiter's orbit around the sun the planet 55 Cancri C is about five times as massive as Jupiter and orbits the star at an average distance of about 600 million km both planets follow slightly elliptical orbits around the star the time it takes for 55 Cancri B to circle 55 Cancri is 15 Earth days 55 Cancri C's year is about 8 Earth years long

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