Exercise 3 - apostrophes

Add apostrophes to the following texts.

a. Astronomers theorize that the 55 Cancri planets formed from a disk of dust around their star, the same way planets formed in the earths solar system.
b. When a planet pulls 55 Cancri away from the earth, the stars light appears to redden slightly. The stars light becomes slightly bluer when a planet pulls the star toward the earth.
c. 3Ms founders originally planned to mine and sell corundum, a high-quality abrasive mineral used to manufacture grinding wheels.
d. 3M sales representatives began bypassing their clients purchasing agents and dealing directly with plant workers. The companys first major breakthroughs in product development grew out of this strategy.
e. During the 1960s and 1970s Castros government made significant strides in improving Cubas educational and health care facilities, and offered the Cuban revolution as an example to other developing nations.
f. The museums collections include large numbers of impressionist, postimpressionist, cubist, and abstract artworks. Since its beginning, the museums collection has broadened and it now includes sculpture, paintings, and artworks from the entire modern period.
g. Godards first feature-length film, à bout de souffle, established him as the leading figure of nouvelle vague.
h. One of the citys major museums is the Des Moines Art Center (1948), designed by the Finnish-born architect Eliel Saarinen.
i. The citys Sherman Hill Historic District contains many turn-of-the-century buildings, including Salisbury House, a reproduction (1923-1928) of the Kings House in Salisbury, England, and Terrace Hill, a Victorian mansion (1867-1869), now the Iowa governors residence.

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