Exercise 7 - colon

Add colons to the following texts and explain their use:

It was conceived of by all those who participated in it not as a coalition government as generally understood, but as a temporary, emergency government, formed for a single limited purpose to balance the budget through drastic economies and increases in taxation.

The National Government was a genuine coalition in the sense in which that term is used on the continent a government comprising independent yet conflicting elements allied together.

This third National Government was the type of coalition government with which British history is much more familiar a coalition between one major party and a fragment from another which has broken off because it disagrees with one of its parent party's central tenets.

The Labour government found itself under pressure from three directions from the left wing, from the TUC, and from Sir Oswald Mosley and his supporters.

Finlay had recommended four alternatives: full internationalization, a European plus dependencies system, an Empire only system, or international regulation.

Only the United States had no state airline, and believed that airways should be open to free market capitalism "In general, the Chicago conference can be described as an attempt by the United States to capitalise on its overwhelmingly strong bargaining position in international aviation by securing for itself a near monopoly of long-haul air transport."

Berle also was not impressed with Swinton, who always pleaded that he was bound by instructions from London "Swinton is ill-prepared and he also tends to be arrogant and inflexible."

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