Spell-checker induced errors

Gap-fill exercise

Spell-checkers can do much of the hard work of proof-reading so make sure you use them well. However, they are not foolproof and can make mistakes as they do not know which word you intended to type. Make sure the word you choose makes sense in context. Choose the correct word in these sentences by filling in the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

1. The step towards understanding the crisis of 1931 is to distinguish between different types of coalition government.
2. Tropical has accelerated markedly during the 1980s.
3. Having obtained an solution in region IV, the question now is to find the initial conditions which give rise to it.
4. However, the medical advances were made, and so were many other scientific discoveries, by the necessities of war.
5. There were, of , other professional sportsmen besides cricketers and footballers.
6. is clearly an essential determinant of the relationship called marriage.
7. It is possible to remove the nucleus from the egg of a .
8. Despite his amongst his contemporaries, Gassendi has been overshadowed by those whom he influenced.
9. Above all, the flight of Rudolf Hess to Scotland gave to every conceivable kind of speculation.
10. These fixed connections in the brain might that learning is impossible