Listening Comprehension and Note-Taking

Summarising & note-taking

Taking notes

Example 1

Listen to the following text and study the notes below:


(From Power and Progress by G. C. Thornley (Longman))





I. animal

A. from

1. mainly whales - fat called blubber arrow right protect from cold
2. also livers of cod and halibut


B. use

1. given to e.g. sick children etc. who need vitamins.
2. soap


II. vegetable

A. known from antiquity  


B. use

1. in cooking
2. oils of certain flowers arrow right perfumes
3. for soap


III. mineral

A. most common - mineral oil


B. from earth


C. use

1. for tanks, aeroplanes and warships, motor-cars and diesel locomotives
2. to lubricate all kinds of machinery
3. owe the existence of the motorcar, possibility of flying


D. properties

1. burns well arrow right fuel
2. burns brightly arrow right illumination
3. slippery arrow right lubrication

Notice how the three main kinds of oil form the three main categories and other aspects are related to these.

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